Profile Image 2Hi, I’m Annabel. My love affair with tiramisu or ‘pick me up’ (in Italian) began many spoons ago. My friends know that if it’s on the menu, I can’t resist the heady combination of espresso, cocoa and mascarpone. I’ve tasted that divine dessert on my travels around the world – Italy included. Right now, home is Auckland, New Zealand.

To celebrate my husband’s recent birthday, we travelled to our capital city, Wellington, where we spent the evening at a cosy Italian restaurant. While I devoured my seriously scrumptious dessert, Mr C suggested sharing the amore with other tiramisu lovers. What is the perfect tiramisu?, we wondered, and where could we find it? How long has it been around, and what’s the traditional Italian recipe? And so, feeling warm and fuzzy from the chianti, I began my quest for the greatest tiramisu…

Do you have any recipe or restaurant recommendations? I look forward to hearing from you! You can contact me via email.