How many stars in Hollywood?

Amarone Kitchen and Wine

Address: 8868 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90069


Amarone Front
Image credit: Yelp


If there’s one place to feel like a star, it’s Hollywood. And so it was that I stepped out of a flash hotel on Sunset Boulevard into a balmy evening last week feeling a million dollars.

My sister, Tasha, had revealed the innermost secrets of her make-up bag to me (which included products I had never heard of) and totally pampered me with a make-over. She was so gentle and deft with the brushes; she looked so practiced and professional as she tilted her face to consider whether I needed a little more of that or a little less of this.

As I opened my eyes and swivelled the chair to face the mirror I could hardly believe it. My skin, usually so sun- and spot-damaged, looked smooth and warm. My eyes, which always seem to disappear in photos, totally popped. I felt fantastic! Just right for a night out.

For our first ever trip to Tinseltown, I had lined up an itinerary with all the tourist essentials. The Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign, Universal Studios. But you know me. I could hardly do a trip overseas without a special blog post, could I? And so it was that we left our West Hollywood hotel that night and headed for the local Italian, Amorone, on Sunset Boulevard.

In true WeHo contrasting style we passed innumerable giant movie billboards along with a few less than salubrious joints.


We were welcomed into the small restaurant in the typical Italian fashion that I’ve come to feel at home with on the tiramisu quest. All flamboyance, arm gestures and familiarity.

And oh wow, the food. The main meal was simply divine. Tagliatelle with mushrooms shouldn’t be that good. Somehow, without much of a sauce, it was fragrant and mouth watering and delicious and perfect. A total stand out.


Then the moment we were all waiting for. But when it came to dessert Mum couldn’t help herself and let the cat out of the bag. ‘She’s got a blog about tiramisu,’ she told our gesticulating waiter. No pressure, then.


‘And…?’ he asked me, expectantly. I swallowed.

‘It’s great!’ I enthused.

In truth, I just couldn’t bear to disappoint this lovely, smiling man, who had spoken so passionately and energetically about the fresh, home-made tiramisu.

To be fair, it was presented beautifully. Just the right size – which I’m picky about when it comes to tiramisu. The creamy layer was perfectly light and had a slight citrus taste to it, which gave it a zesty lift.

Unfortunately the rest let it down. The cake was watery, with a funny aftertaste and no coffee kick. Was the alcohol missing? The cocoa dust on top was so dry it caused me to have a choking coughing fit. I feel terrible being so critical of a dessert made and presented with such flourish and passion, but I have to be honest. After a knock-out main, this tiramisu was a real disappointment.

Amarone Tiramisu2

There may be no shortage of stars in Hollywood, but this dessert only gets three from me.



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