Tiramisu in a Bottle

Tuatara Brewing

Online: Tuatara Brewing



I remember telling someone in April last year that I’d just finished my first beer.

‘Of the night?’
‘No, ever.’

I can honestly say that – with the exception of a chilled Peroni after a day in Hong Kong’s unrelentingly muggy heat – I have yet to truly enjoy a beer.

So when Mr C saw a bottle of Tiramisu, it had to be worth a try, right?

I was certainly tempted by the recipe, which includes Wellington Chocolate Factory Dominican Republic cacao nibs. And as (probably) New Zealand’s most dedicated tiramisu connoisseur the description was especially enticing:

“designed around its Italian dessert namesake. A ‘pick me up’ to get us through the winter months… Tiramisu is bold, rich, warming and moreish – velvet on the palate!”

As a confirmed non beer drinker, though, the oatmeal stout was never going to win my tastebuds. The espresso flavour too bitter, the stout too strong and malty, the dark chocolate too rich. Lucky for me, I had a handsome helper and the rest of the bottle found a good home.

There’s a good reason why the best tiramisus have light cream and moist sponge. Let’s be honest. This tiramisu didn’t stand a chance.  I’ll be back in the warming embrace of an Italian trattoria for a proper slice of cocoa dusted cake and mascarpone next time…


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